In this day and age, everyone's got their hands full of the daily grind. Our facebook feeds are littered with everyday rants about work, the traffic in EDSA, and the ever "dependable" train system in the metro.

We wake up, we head to work, go home, repeat. And before you know it, a whole week has passed so fast. We are all like that Coyote character, chasing the impossible roadrunner we call "success".

Cholo and Kris has are two career-driven individuals, reaching for their own respective goals in life. They are also in love with each other. And for some people, love and career can be as unmixable as oil and water, we've seen it in the movies, we all know Basha and Popoy story.

But during our prenup sesh with Kris and Cholo, it was made clear to us, one shot after the other, that these two people know how to enjoy and appreciate the more meaningful things, the things that truly matter, to have each other for even as short as a weekend.

Kris and Cholo showed us how they would spend a simple weekend, from coming home from work, enjoying a movie together, cooking, midnight snacks, to eating out and having a drink, or just being lazy together on comfy bed.

These photos truly capture how important quality time is for young couples, fighting the daily battles professional life.

See their full prenup here

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!