During our very first wedding gig, we only had a single goal.  That is to get through the day and deliver what we promised.  Armed with two cameras, two tripods and a laptop, we plunged into the unfamiliar world of wedding videography. Fueled by heavy doses of caffeine and our fear of failing, we filmed everything we possibly can like our lives depended on it.  

12 hours later, our first SDE (Same Day Edit) was playing on this BIG screen! Everyone's eyes were glued on this train of images that we dared to call a "film".  Our nervousness, so evident in the occasional shaky footage here and there.  The last frame faded and our logo appeared... and then, something magical happened.  The crowd burst into APPLAUSE and wild cheering!  It's amazing how a simple collective sound of human hands slapping together could change your hearts and lives forever!  For us, it was that moment we discovered we are hooked on weddings and we can't wait for our next one!

Half a decade later, we are still here! Doing what we LOVE, by WITNESSING LOVE since 2011!

This is for all our past, present and future couples.  May you always remember that day you uttered the words, "With this ring, I THEE WED..."

Thank you so much for all your love and trust!