Q:        You make wedding videos too, big deal! Why should we get you to film OUR wedding?

A:         First of all, you don’t have to, that’s the beauty of free will :) But then, if you don’t, you’ll miss the chance to work with a fast, friendly, hard-working, creative, and huggable group of young individuals who want nothing more than to provide a very light and relaxed wedding coverage experience for you and your awesome fiancé.  Your wedding is a day for you to love and have fun, and we’ll make sure we don’t get in the way of your enjoyment.

Q:        How long are your Cinematic Wedding films?

A:         Our Cinematic Films usually run anywhere between 8-12 minutes.

Q:        Why so short? My parent’s wedding video is 1 hour and 30 minutes long!

A:         Yes, it’s called a short-form edit.  Your parent’s video is probably in long-form, where the camera basically keeps on rolling all throughout the whole film, including a shot of your Lola falling asleep during ceremony.  Our wedding videos are very compact and we focus on the most important and relevant moments of your wedding,  It is easily sharable with family and friends online and through hand-over due to the film’s small file size.  But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to include as much details and special moments into the video as we can so you and everybody else can watch and relive that special day over and over again!

Q:        How long till our wedding film is finished? 

A:         We’ll make sure you have it before your first year anniversary.  But we do our absolute best to deliver by the 6th month after your wedding month. We’ve even delivered some films as early as the 3rd month.  Finishing early, to us, means more free time to spend with our own family and friends, so rest assured, we won’t be slacking around.

Q:        OK.  But, why such a long time?  Will it really take that long to edit?

A:         As with any healthy business, our projects do stack up on each other and queuing up editing projects is something we cannot avoid.  In other words, we can finish a successful coverage of your wedding and have your footage ready for editing as soon as we get home, but it might need to get in line for editing just like everyone else’ film.

Q:        Can we get the raw footage of our wedding?

A:         We want you to get only the best output that we have promised to deliver, and raw unedited footage does not represent our product and our brand.  Raw footage is obnoxious to watch, could be embarrassing, could be chaotic and unwatchable, could give you a migraine from the unedited shaky footage, etc.  So, why would you want to re-experience your special day in such a way?  Just like in any restaurant, you never order the raw ingredients, you came there for a gourmet meal!

Q:        But, we really really want our raw footage.  Please, please, let us have it!

A:         For couples who really insist on having their raw footage, we only turnover raw footage after all our creative output has been approved and delivered to the couple for a "Turnover" fee of Php3,500.  With the condition that the couple approves that the use of these footage to edit a separate video or any other output is prohibited unless we have full knowledge and given permission for it.  We will then require the couple to provide a portable hard drive that will house the footage with at least 180GB of free space.

Q:        Do you speak Tagalog?

A:         Oo naman!

Q:        Then, why are we speaking in English?!?!

A:         Because we can and it makes us sound premium! Kidding.  We do get inquiries from foreigners and/or non-tagalog-speaking folks and it’s always best to use the universal language.

Q:        What if we didn't like your outputs? Can we send it back for a redo?

A:         If you're hiring I Thee Wed, We assume you've already at least seen some of our sample works which led you to your intent of having us on-board. You are hiring us because you appreciate the genuine emotion and documented moments in our films, edited in our style and taste.  So in short, no, we don't do redo's.  We can, however, tweak our outputs by adding or omitting certain scenes or images that you feel would help improve it to meet your satisfaction.  But, the overall editing, look and style will stay as is.

Q:        I love the music you used on your last wedding film, can we use it for our film too?

A:         No need, we’ll find something even better for you!  We pride ourselves on having good music taste and we’ll make sure your film is unique in every way!

Q:        Can we choose the music for our film?

A:         Sure, that’s ideal.  But please, no more “Marry You” by Bruno Mars!!! 

Q:        Can we change the music after we've watched our film?

A:         No, sorry.  Changing music after the edit is a big move and can be considered as a redo. And as mentioned, we don't do redos.

Q:        OK. I think we’re ready to book you guys, how do we do this?

A:         Great!  First, we schedule a meet-and-greet, where we formally and personally get acquainted, brainstorm ideas, discuss terms and agreements.  This can be over brunch, an afternoon coffee date, or even over a few beers (Yes, we drink, no point pretending! :D )

Q:        And what are the payment terms?

A:         First, we charge Php10,000 as booking charge, don’t worry, this amount is deductible from your total cost.  We get the 50% down payment on your prenup shoot and the remaining 50% at the end of your wedding day.  If you won’t be having a prenup shoot with us.  100% will be collected on your wedding day instead.

Q:        If I pay a 100%, how do we make sure you won’t bail and just disappear!

A:         We produce and issue our clients contracts for them to hang on to until we complete all our services.  Besides, we have facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, you’ve seen our faces! We’re not going anywhere.

Q:        How many guys are you sending to our wedding?

A:         seven(7) guys for our video team.

Q:        Do we have to feed you guys?

A:         We come to weddings with full stomachs and a smile.  But as the day go by, we run, we crouch, we lift, we sweat.  And if we’re offered a nice cupcake and a glass of water, we don’t think, we gobble up that cupcake and we chug that glass!

Q:        Great! So, what now?

A:         I would grab that phone, compose that email, and reach us NOW! It’s gonna be awesome!