Natz(Lalee), the bride, does watercolor paintings. In fact, all the watercolor elements you'll see in this film were all done by the Natz, including her beautiful wedding dress!

For me, watercolor painting is a perfect analogy of their wedding, the art of watercolor is simple, subtle, and open to flaws and imperfections. Much like their special day, in which the couple kept it simple and real in every way, and both embraced the idea that the day can and may not go smoothly as planned (this includes the fact that we ran late because of SLEX traffic). I remember reporting to the groom about our situation, and he responded with one short chivalrous text reply "Ok, priority si bride, go straight to her nalang." . *kilig much, Nathalie? :) But eventually we got to the place, and i was expecting some questions when we arrived, but no, we were greeted by a smiling Natz, "zenfully" having her makeup on a chair as if we weren't late for almost 1 and a half hours!

I was reminded how nothing is ever really under our control. And much like a watercolor painting, every moment should flow freely with every stroke of the brush and know that the little imperfections of your day are just a small part of a beautiful painting that is your wedding day!

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